Prosecco Spritz cans a winner for Brown Brothers

Prosecco Spritz cans a winner for Brown Brothers

Brown Family Wine Group has revealed its Prosecco Spritz canned wine has experienced strong sales since its spring launch.

A spokesman said: "We are starting to see some really positive results early, repeat purchase has been great, indicating that the spritz flavour is something consumers are looking for, and volume sales are starting to drive into summer.

"We have been getting overwhelming customer feedback around the flavour, convenience and can pack format suiting their desired out of home occasions in these warmer months."

Brown Brothers Prosecco Spritz jumps on the increasingly popular aperitif trend - it features orange and aromatic bitters in a 250ml format with an 8.5% ABV. 

Caroline Brown said: “The new Prosecco Spritz is blended to perfection and so simple to serve. Just add some ice and a slice of orange. The fresh flavours of this twist on Prosecco, means that I can enjoy the taste of summer all year round.”

The canned alcohol market in Australia is booming. The total category, according to IRI data, is worth $4.2million. The can format is driving growth in other alcohol categories: beer cans are up 9.9% vs LY, while cider cans are up 6.9% and ready-to-drink cans are up 3.1%.

The canned wine market grew by more than 125% in 2016 according to Nielsen, with the No.1 seller being a spritzed white varietal. While Sales of canned wine grew 43% in the US from June 2017 to June 2018, according to BW 166, a beverage alcohol market research firm.

They're also spurring trial - one in four wine consumers have indicated they would be more open to trying new wines if they didn’t have to buy a full-sized bottle, according to research by E. & J. Gallo Winery.


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