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Get Über U.G.L.Y. in 2017

Get Über U.G.L.Y. in 2017

National Leukaemia fund raising campaign  U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year has joined forces with partner, Überbartools™ for a fourth year in a row, offering a great prize incentive for hard working fundraisers.

Each year bartenders across Australia sign up to U.G.L.Y (Let’s see the Understanding. Generous. Likeable. You) to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation to provide its vital accommodation service.

The bartenders come up with unique ways to raise funds, receiving prize incentives after raising a certain amount. So far the campaign has raised an amazing $31,741.10 this year, with Queensland in the lead raising $16,699. In total, a staggering $10 million has been raised over the past nine years.

Überbartools™ first partnered with U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year in 2014, which has provided over 50 Über Bar Tool Kits as a prize for Bartenders who raised a certain amount of money.

The practical bar tool kits allow bartenders to create better cocktails, effortlessly, comfortably and profitably, creating further incentives for bartenders to raise funds on behalf of their bars.

In order to win the Überbartool Kit, worth over $200, you need to be a bartender and you need to sign up to U.G.L.Y. and raise between $1120 and $2240 for the Leukaemia Foundation’s patient accommodation service. 

The amazing bar tool kit on offer. Source: provided. 

The other prizes include:

The highest fundraiser in each state will receive a $3000 Flight Centre gift card.

The winning venue in each state wins a Hoshizaki Ice Machine, or Lancer Beverage System products and services, to the value of $7500.

The winning U.G.L.Y. Bartender’s venue gets to display the very U.G.L.Y. winner’s trophy.

For lesser amounts raised there are JB HI-FI gift cards, RedBalloon gift vouchers and Flight Centre gift cards.

If you’re a bartender in the fund raising process, or a bar trying to get your bartenders involved, the U.G.L.Y website has listed some fun ways to help get everyone involved:

Beer Garden Movie Night

Midnight Sausage Sizzle

Cocktail Master Class

U.G.L.Y. Drink of the Week and local tastings

Fun Run

Talent Quest: U.G.L.Y. Idol

U.G.L.Y. Survivor

Date specific events like Father’s Day, Halloween and Melbourne Cup

It’s not too late to get involved – click here to sign up. 

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