Lion - Beer, Spirits & Wine Australia

Lion - Beer, Spirits & Wine Australia

We are just past the midway point of 2016 and Lion remains firmly focussed on our core objectives of reinvigorating the beer market, innovating for an increasingly diverse Australia, and positioning our portfolio for future growth.

Our biggest category initiative to date, Beer the Beautiful Truth, was introduced back in August 2015 and is continuing to bust common myths about beer. Our latest instalment of the campaign, Brew&A, gives consumers access to our panel of experts to get the facts on a wide variety of questions they have about beer. We know that when people have the right information and know more about the category they will spend more in-store with our customers. You can expect to see more of Beer the Beautiful Truth over summer.

Our breweries and hospitality sites play an important role in revitalising the category by engaging consumers directly and showcasing the great art of brewing, and we continue to leverage our brewery network across the country to share the beautiful truth about beer. We have now spread the word as far as Hong Kong, where we recently opened our newest Little Creatures micro-brewery and venue in Kennedy Town.

Of course our breweries are doing more than just spreading the good word – they’re making great beers too! We’re proud to say at the World Beer Cup in Philadelphia in May James Squires The Summer Swindler took home the Gold Medal in the English-style Summer Ale category. This was an amazing achievement considering 6,596 beers entered from 1,907 breweries in 55 countries across the globe. More recently our Little Creatures Pilsner picked up the top gong at the 2016 Craft Beer Awards in Brisbane and was named Champion Australian Craft Beer. The Pilsner was chosen by a panel of judges who, through blind tasting, chose the champion of each style and then the overall Champion Craft Beer.

We are also continuing to innovate for consumers who are increasingly looking to moderate, while not sacrificing flavour and sociability. Our launch of Hahn Ultra is a great example – at 0.9% ABV (equivalent to just 0.2 standard drinks per 330ml bottle), Hahn Ultra now gives consumers even more choice to moderate consumption.

In addition to providing lower-alcohol options, we also want to encourage safe and sociable consumption of our great brands out in the community. We are proud of the role DrinkWise Australia continues to play in improving attitudes to drinking through its campaigns ‘You won’t miss a moment if your DrinkWise’ and ‘How to drink properly’.

As always, our relationship with our customers remains vital to our success and maintaining high levels of engagement and service is an absolute priority for our business. We are proud of the fact that we are ranked the #1 alcohol supplier in Australia by our customers, but there’s much we can do to continue to improve and ensure Lion is easy to do business with.

We look forward to continuing our great work with you and we thank you for your continued support.

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