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De Bortoli Launches New Premium Rosé

De Bortoli Launches New Premium Rosé

From De Bortoli’s popular sparkling wine brand comes Rococo Rosé – a blend of Victorian chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meuniere that takes inspirations from the Rococo style of European art and design.

Chief Winemaker Steve Webber said, “We see enormous potential for sparkling Rosé and what we have tried to create is a creamy style with just a touch of toastiness and perfume. The blend of the three varieties achieves this."

During the winemaking process, only the finest juice was taken from each variety of the gently pressed batches. This was then fermented in casks and stirred weekly for three months through the process, incorporating yeast and the textural characters from the oak into the fruit base. The base wines were then blended and transferred to tanks, where they sat on lees for varying lengths of time and over blended with reserve wines from previous vintages.

Super pale in colour, gently aromatic and creamy on the palate, Rococo Rosé is perfect with cured salmon canapés and can be enjoyed at various occasions over the warmer months.

Rococo Rosé is distributed by De Bortoli Wines, RRP $17.99 per bottle.


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