19 Crimes brings Augmented Reality to the wine aisle

19 Crimes brings Augmented Reality to the wine aisle

Treasury Wine Estates is using Augmented Reality (AR) to give voices and vision to the convicts-turned-colonists who star on its 19 Crimes wine labels.

British rogues found guilty of at least one of 19 Crimes were sentenced to live in Australia as punishment, rather than death, where they were forced to forge a new country and new lives for themselves. Today, 19 Crimes wines celebrate the rules they broke and the culture they built.

By hovering your mobile device with the downloaded 19 Crimes App over each bottle of 19 Crimes, the mug-shot of one of three genuine Australian convicts come to life, giving them a voice to tell their unique stories.

So far there have been up to 464,000 downloads of the app, as consumers have watched John O’Reilly, James Kiely and Michael Harrington share their remarkable true stories from bottles of 19 Crimes Red Blend, 19 Crimes Shiraz and 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon wines, respectively.

TWE notes: "To ensure your store is stocked with the gift that not only talks but will walk out the door this Christmas, contact your local TWE representative on 134 893."

The 19 Crimes App is available to download on the Apple App or Google Play Stores. For a taste of the action now, download the app and hover your phone over each of the 19 Crimes rogues pictured above.

The big wins for 19 Crimes in 2017

TWE is celebrating 19 Crimes being the number one millennial wine brand according to Aztec Australian Liquor Unweighted MAT to 17/9/2017.

It was was also named Market Watch’s 2017 Wine Brand of the Year and is a powerhouse brand in the US, where it sold over one million cases over the 2017 financial year.

TWE says that almost 20% of 19 Crimes buyers are new to wine, driving category penetration.



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