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SNEAK PEAK: [yellow tail] unveils its third Super Bowl ad

SNEAK PEAK: [yellow tail] unveils its third Super Bowl ad

Casella’s [yellow tail] brand will debut its third consecutive Super Bowl campaign – Tastes like Happy – next Sunday.

The new fan-inspired advertisement will air during the big game on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

Rob Baiocco, chief creative officer at The BAM Connection, told USA TODAY Sports: “Everything about it screams happy.

“We also felt — not to get too political here — but where we sit culturally, the mood of everything going on, we kind of felt like, ‘Couldn’t the country use 30 seconds of happy right now?’”

In 2017, [yellow tail] became the first wine brand in nearly 40 years to advertise at the Super Bowl.

Anna Czarnocka, Global Marketing Manager for [yellow tail], said that given the brand’s past success with the Super Bowl – the biggest event in the US and the biggest advertising platform in the world – it made sense to continue this positive momentum.

“The US is the largest market for [yellow tail] and we are the #1 imported wine brand. The Super Bowl provides us with a platform to reach an engaged audience of over 100 million people in an impactful and memorable way.

“Traditionally most consumers drank beer while watching the Super Bowl, however tastes are changing, and more and more consumers are now enjoying wine while watching the Super Bowl.

“Our past two Super Bowl campaigns were highly successful. We achieved a significant increase in brand awareness and household penetration, as well as a marked lift in US sales. As an example, in 2018 alone [yellow tail] enjoyed over 20 consecutive weeks of growth, in a declining category and outpacing all of our competitors.”

While AB InBev has exclusive alcohol advertising rights during the game, [yellow tail] gets around it with a regional buying strategy.

Last year, the brand opted to bought local Super Bowl ads in 70 markets across the US. This year its upping the ante with ads in 80 local markets. The ad spend is around $6million.

AB InBev will feature five of its brands during Super Bowl, including Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, Bud, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and Stella. It will air four 45-second spots, three 30-second spots and one 60-second ad.

The company will also have four billboards and four bumpers at the game itself.

Pizza Hut has decided to expand its beer delivery to about 300 restaurants in preparation for the game and will advertise the service during the Super Bowl telecast. Pizza Hut is the official pizza sponsor of the NFL and says 86% of Super Bowl parties combine pizza and beer.

PepsiCo will debut three 30-second ads featuring Pepsi, Doritos and Bubly. The beverage giant will also get 10-seconds of ad time during the pregame and will sponsor the halftime show.

Why [yellow tail] went for a fan-based approach

Czarnocka said happiness is a core value of [yellow tail] and the new Tastes like Happy campaign provides a fantastic opportunity to connect and share the brand’s positivity and joyfulness with US consumers.

“Tastes like Happy captures a variety of real, everyday moments of happiness that take place around wine that we can all relate to – the glass of wine after a long week, the ice-breaker on a first date or the bottle shared between good friends.” Czarnocka concluded.

As part of the Tastes like Happy campaign, [yellow tail] invited US consumers to share a six-second video on social media about what ‘tastes like happy’ meant to them for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a Super Bowl advertisement.

More than 1500 competition entries were received and two lucky [yellow tail] fans were chosen to share their ultimate happy experience with millions of Super Bowl viewers.

The Tastes like Happy campaign also awarded one winner a grand prize – an all-expenses paid trip for two to their ‘happy place’.

Watch the ad below:

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