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NSW liquor inspectors increase festive patrols

NSW liquor inspectors increase festive patrols

Liquor & Gaming NSW has warned that its inspectors will maintain a strong presence in venues across the state over the festive season.

The department said venue operators need to be vigilant during busy periods such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve for increased risks of selling alcohol to minors, intoxicated patrons and anti-social behaviour.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Deputy Secretary Paul Newson confirmed that inspectors will be monitoring hotels, bars, clubs, nightclubs, bottle shops and party boats. 

Areas where inspectors will be active include Sydney’s CBD, eastern suburbs and northern beaches, Newtown and the inner west, Newcastle and the Central Coast. 

Inspectors will also be attending music festivals to ensure compliance with event management plans, liquor laws and licence conditions to help reduce alcohol-related harm and other public safety risks.

“We want to ensure safe environments for people to celebrate over the festive season with the lowest possible risk of alcohol-related harm,” Newson said.

“The vast majority of our state’s licensed venues do the right thing and are committed to the responsible service of alcohol.

“The minority of venues that neglect their patrons’ safety and breach liquor laws can expect to face significant penalties.”

Licensed venue trading hours for New Year’s Eve have been confirmed with hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants able to open until 2am on 1 January. Venues already approved to trade beyond 2am can continue to do so as normal. 

The Sydney CBD and Kings Cross restriction on patrons being admitted to venues after either 1.30am or 2am does not apply on New Year’s Eve. .

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