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Asahi expands spirits portfolio with Untold rum

Asahi expands spirits portfolio with Untold rum

Following its recent acquisition of four spirits brands from ASM Liquor, Asahi Premium Spirits has expanded its spirits portfolio further with a new spiced rum, Untold.

Untold is a collaborative brand of spiced rum developed by a collective of modern mixologists, bartenders and artists.

Named after this inventive creative process, the result is a unique blend made with premium, 2-3 year aged golden Caribbean rum enhanced with natural spices.  

Untold comes in the form of a distinctive, full-bodied, full strength spiced rum and a range of premixed spiced rum drinks made by renowned bartender Dave Kerr (The Beaufort) and his fellow Australian bartender friends Nathan Beasley (Black Pearl), Oscar Eastman (ex-Eau de Vie) and Dre Walters (The Lobo Plantation). Although the product is primarily ‘made to mix’, its real point of difference is in the bold, yet accessible flavour. 

“One of our greatest achievements was creating something that balanced spice, sweetness and then finished with a delightful savoury note to steer it away from the sickly sweet rums that dominate the market, yet still keeping its authenticity,” says Eastman (above).  

According to Asahi, Untold bucks the traditional, masculine ‘rum and pirates’ storyline with its unique packaging design of striking, colourful, urban art created by Australian artists Andrew Archer and Tim Phibs. The intention is to make it an attractive drinking option for both men and women. 

“We see Untold as a versatile product or a ‘blank canvas’ where everyone can enjoy it their own way. However you approach your experience with it, people can contribute and shape the brand as their own. We worked really hard to make sure that it’s a quality and intriguing product.  It’s balanced, works perfectly with our favourite mixers and gives people with a good palate a great alternative in a spiced rum,” adds Kerr. 

Developed under the Asahi Premium Beverages umbrella, Virginia Woodger, Group Marketing Manager & Spirits RTDs at APB said: “We saw a gap in the market to show today’s rum drinker what an amazing spiced rum should be, and Untold stands out from its competition being a high quality spirit, without the overpowering sweetness and spice flavours.  It provides rum drinkers with a better overall rum experience that’s attractive on every level: flavour, cost and availability.” 

Untold is available in a FSBS and in two RTD flavours including Spiced Rum with Cola and Spiced Rum with Ginger Beer, with plans to collaborate with more artists and bartenders on new flavours and looks in the future.  

Untold is available at Coles Group (Liquorland, First Choice, Vintage Cellars) RRP $50.00 and the premixed drinks at Coles Group and Dan Murphy’s RRP $23.00 for a 6% ABV 4-pack. 

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