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5 amazing Australia Day cocktails

5 amazing Australia Day cocktails

A sweltering Australia Day calls for an icy cocktail … with a koala clipped to the stem … or a lamington garnish.

Here are five cocktails that will have you chanting “oi, oi, oi!”

Sydney’s Observatory Bar has created an Australia Day Cocktail (pictured above) that’s inspired by brekkie cereal.

The bar notes: “Since 1924, Australian’s have enjoyed classic Kellogg’s cereal. This little number brings back the childhood memories of slurping the sweet, delicious milk at the end of each bowl.. Just add vodka.”

The cocktail contains cocoa butter infused Grey Goose vodka, Cornflake infused milk, condensed milk, chocolate liqueur and cornflake powder, garnished with a white chocolate Australian flag.

Over at The Morrison, they’re serving the Raspberry Lamington cocktail. The bar explains that the drink contains: “Spiced rum, chocolate liquor and coffee served with a raspberry, coconut rim and YES a lamington.” 

Cocktails Mandurah is also celebrating with “a cocktail version of an Aussie darling of the dessert world” –  the ‘Lamington Darling’ – made with gin, Licor43, raspberry syrup and Bouvery Chocolate Liqueur. Pic by @Dizzydiva74.

The Margarita Mum’s striking creation (pictured main) is called Koala Blue. It uses Malibu rum, passionfruit liqueur, Blue Curaçao, lime Juice, Golden Circle Tropical Punch and aquafaba.

What’s Marisa Drinking notes: “Today is Australia Day so in the spirit of all things Australian I have mixed up a Cocktail using all Aussie products.”

The Aussie Day Sipper, presented in a pineapple shaped glass, features Vantage Australia, coconut liqueur from Castle Glen Vineyard, orgeat from The Commissary, lime juice and pineapple juice.


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