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Champagne shipments drop by more than 5 million bottles

Champagne shipments drop by more than 5 million bottles

Comité Champagne has revealed that initial estimates for the past year show Champagne shipments were down 1.7% in 2018. 

Numbers have plunged by 5.3 million bottles compared to 2017, driven by falling demand in France and the UK. Cheap Champagne in mature markets losing its appeal has also been blamed, with consumers preferring to buy premium, well-known brands. 

French sales were impacted by demonstrations by the gilets jaunes in Paris in the lead up to Christmas. Rioting led to the closure of key shopping districts, including the Champs-Élysées.

Road blocks across the country also affected the delivery of Champagne to key retailers in France.

“The gilets jaunes had an affect on Champagne both because of what it meant for logistics, but also the moral of the people,” co-president of the Comité Champagne, Jean-Marie Barillère, told The Drinks Business

Barillère attributed to the drop in volume sales in the product’s second biggest market – the UK – to Brexit uncertainty. 

The premium branded sector continues to do well in Europe, but particularly in the US, Japan and Australia.

Australia saw shipments increase by 23% in value in 2017 to almost $210million, from 8.5 million bottles.

Champagne shipments over the past 10 years:

2018: 302 million (estimate)

2017: 307.3 million

2016: 306.1 million

2015: 313 million

2014: 307 million

2013: 305 million

2012: 309 million

2011: 323 million

2010: 319 million

2009: 293 million


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