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Can you guess Australia's Hottest 100 drinks brands for 2019?

Can you guess Australia’s Hottest 100 drinks brands for 2019?

Australia Day means backyard cricket, long lunches, BBQ’s and silly games involving Hills Hoists, all resulting in strong sales both on and off-premise (particularly off-premise).
It also marks the end of the summer holidays for many and going back to work.
And, for the liquor trade it means the release of Drinks Trade’s annual Hottest 100.
The Hottest 100 reveals the biggest brands across all sectors, from beer to wine, spirits and apertifs.
“We believe this list will give you some insight into what has performed well over the past 12 months including what is tipped to continue selling well in your stores in 2019,” notes publisher Ashley Pini.
“So how did we come up with the Hottest 100 brands for 2019? I’d love to say simple, but of course there’s plenty of crystal balling involved.
“We started with raw data, turned it upside down, inside out, and came back to the brands that added the most growth, and ultimately dollars, to your businesses over the last year. That gave us the ‘rear view mirror’.
“To gain an understanding of what’s on the horizon we turned to the professionals. In partnership with the team at IRI, and the buyers from leading Banner Groups, here is a list we hope you find useful – and sometimes eye opening – to help you build sales in your stores.”
The 2019 list features some incredibly high performing brands includes the beer that’s seen a massive 2143% growth over the past 12 months, the cider that’s boomed by 2520%, the Champagne that’s blowing all the rest out of the water with 30.1% growth and the rose that’s up 38.1%.
Drinks Trade January/February, featuring the Hottest 100, is out next week.
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