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Enhance the atmosphere at your venue with Foxtel Music

Enhance the atmosphere at your venue with Foxtel Music

Foxtel Music has introduced a new effortless and cost-effective audio and video subscription service that’s ideal for both the on and off-premise.

Foxtel Business is always looking at ways to provide even more value to its customers, so it has joined with global music provider Stingray to offer Foxtel Music. With its extensive music catalogue, this scheduled audio and video music service provides the perfect way to create an exciting and enhanced atmosphere for customers in a venue or retail environment.

Foxtel Music complements Foxtel’s quality line up of sport, entertainment, news and other linear music content and also provides businesses with the added benefit of being able to schedule their own in-house promotional messages.

Foxtel Music is a combination of audio or video stations that have been customised to suit the Australian market, plus you have the additional benefit of being able to select from exciting world music catalogues. Both catalogues cover today’s hits, 80s, 90s, R&B, Jazz, Rock and much more. Customers are able to schedule their music selection by the hour to suit the listening needs of customers and staff. Foxtel Music provides screened and sanitised content to ensure there is no offensive content and the music is appropriate for the ears of every generation.

Both Audio Only and Music Video subscriptions are available, from a selection of 34 audio channels and 12 video channels.

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Becoming a Foxtel Music subscriber involves a one-off fee for a Stingray Box, followed by a low-cost monthly fee.
With Foxtel Music all your PPCA fees are included in your monthly music subscription fee, however, there is a legal requirement that APRA fees are still payable by the customer.

To find out more about Foxtel Music, click here or call 1300 878 958.



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