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Vodka Cruiser Leads Digital Marketing with Facebook Live Series

Vodka Cruiser Leads Digital Marketing with Facebook Live Series

Vodka Cruiser recently partnered with female comedy trio SketchShe for a new approach to digital marketing in creating Vodka Cruiser TV (VCTC), a six-part Facebook Live series that now boasts 3.2 million content views and a reach of 1.35 million Facebook users. 

VCTV episodes were designed for Vodka Cruiser to reach a broader demographic. Each 15 to 30 minute episode aired weekly at 8pm, covering 2016 trends across various topics including dating, careers, food and travel.

The campaign was structured around behavioural patterns, including the demand for interactivity, mobile usage and the use of aspirational facilitators. Vodka Cruiser said the strategy centred around humanising the brand and that insights indicated the target audience “valued relevance as opposed to hard sell”.

Asahi Group Category Manager of Ready-To-Drink and Spirits Virginia Woodger said, “Our aim was to find out what our audience wanted, what their lifestyles encompass, what is important to them, what their idea of humour is and how as a brand we can embody that.

“Live video content represents higher organic engagement – Facebook Live offers the best opportunity for consumers to be exposed to the content both during live screenings as well as post-event.” 

SketchShe encouraged fans to get involved, sharing their comments and photos between guest interviews. Vodka Cruiser garnered huge engagement from the campaign, with some videos reaching more than 200,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Further Facebook brand research showed an increase of 23 percent in campaign recall, 9 percent increase in brand favourability and an increase in sales by 9.3 percent.

Vodka Cruiser said the overarching result was a series that took Australian women on a journey of self discovery that encouraged self expression and sparked conversation.

The videos can be viewed at

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