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Taylors Wines Release New St Andrews Vintages

Taylors Wines Release New St Andrews Vintages

In celebration of 125 years since Scottish emigrants planted the first vines in the Clare Valley, Taylors Wines have released new vintages across their St Andrews range.

With grapes first planted in the vineyard in 1892, St Andrews has a rich history in the region. The Taylor family acquired the land in 1995 and released the first vintages of the St Andrews range in 1999. Since then, Taylor family winemakers have crafted some of their finest vintages from the vineyard’s grapes.

The newest releases include the 2016 St Andrews Riesling, 2015 St Andrews Chardonnay, 2014 St Andrews Shiraz and 2014 St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon.

According to Taylors’ chief winemaker, Adam Eggins, the 2016 St Andrews Riesling is a particular standout.

“This wine is the pinnacle of our work,” said Eggins.“It is quite shy at the time of release and will only reveal its true beauty with time.”

In regards to the reds, Eggins says the 2014 St Andrews Shiraz is exceptionally complex.

“It’s almost like we dipped the fruit in chocolate before we started making the wine,” he said.

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