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Participate in the 2017 Australian craft beer survey!

Participate in the 2017 Australian craft beer survey!

Craft beer retailer Beer Cartel has launched their 2017 Australian Craft Beer Survey.

The five-minute survey aims to be the most extensive research ever undertaken into the behaviour of craft beer drinkers across Australia.

The collected research will build upon last year’s study, which saw 6,500 craft beer enthusiasts take part Australia wide.

Richard Kelsey, director of Beer Cartel, says the study will also assess consumer feelings towards craft beer ownership and independence from large breweries, an issue at the forefront of minds in the industry right now.

“There has been significant coverage in the media of late about the role big breweries are playing in craft beer, with a number of buy-outs in Australia and overseas,” he said.

“Plus, on top of this, the Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) recently changed its constitution, voting to remove large brewers from its membership and changing its name to the Independent Brewers Association. We’re taking an open view going in and will let beer drinkers decide on their opinion towards this. Is it a good thing, or a bad thing? We’ll soon know either way.’” 

The information gathered will be made public in the hope that is will be used to assist businesses throughout the industry, including breweries, bars and beer festivals.

In this way, Beer Cartel intends to give businesses in the craft beer industry a greater understanding of their customers so that they may adapt and evolve to consumers’ wants and needs.

All participants will also go in the draw to win a $500 prize to spend on craft beer.

To complete the 2017 Australian Craft Beer Survey, please go to:

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