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Featured Bar: Radio Mexico

Featured Bar: Radio Mexico

Radio Mexico is all about reproducing the authentic flavours of Mexico for the Australian palate – food you can eat everyday, full of fresh ingredients.

Highlights on the menu include specialty tacos and handmade tortillas, matched with a list of original Mexican beers and cocktails.

Equally impressive is Radio Mexico’s separate list of 100 per cent agave tequilas, dedicated to re-educating customers on the category, with each flight recommended on its own or with a food pairing.

Building on its passion for Mexican flavours and love of tequila, Radio Mexico collaborated with Tequila Herradura and 11 other venues in a first of its kind opportunity to purchase and select its own, exclusive barrel of Herradura “Double Barrel” Reposado Tequila earlier in April. The ‘Australian Casa Select’ will arrive at the Melbourne-based venue later in the year, where customers will be able to try the expression in its Tequila Appreciation Program.

As part of the unique collaboration, Radio Mexico is also currently hoping to win an all expenses paid trip to the original Tequila Casa Hacienda in Mexico. Taking part in the brand’s 12-week incentive program, Radio Mexico must meet its individual target in the next five weeks for a place on the trip. In addition, if Radio Mexico exceeds its target, the venue could win a second seat on the trip, as well as the actual oak barrel that was used in the secondary ageing process of the Double Barrel Reposado.

drinks bulletin spoke with Radio Mexico’s Adele Arkell to find how the venue plans on meeting its target in the remaining weeks, plus what it means to be one of very few to select and purchase their own barrel of Herradura “Double Barrel” Reposado Tequila.

drinks bulletin: What does it mean to you to be one of very few bars to be able to select and purchase your own unique barrel of Herradura “Double Barrel” Reposado tequila?

Adele Arkell: We are great supporters of the craftsmanship of Mexican artisans – whether we are referring to the street food vendors who hand make perfect tortillas on street corners to order; hand paint Talavera pottery; or craft a fine spirit from a plant that has weathered up to 10 years of seasons under the Mexican sun.

It is our mission to help our guests understand how, like Mexican food, fine Tequila is a great gastronomical gift – alive with tradition and culture, and also the spirit of invention and adaptation.

DB: What is it about the Herradura brand and/or history that resonates with you?

AA: What resonates with us, is how agave and its biproducts are the best compliments to Mexican food – in the way that wine goes with cheese. We love the story of Casa Herradura’s clandestine roots; we love how the skills and traditions of the Jimador are maintained; we love how the husks of the agave are retained after roasting to generate biofuel in the Herradura factory; we love the use of wild yeasts in fermentation; and we love the blue eyed horse in the family stables at Casa Herradura. This is a sound product.

DB: How will you be introducing your customers to Herradura over the next few weeks?

AA: We have begun our Tequila Appreciation Season, offering a Heradurra tasting of Plata, Reposado, Añejo and as a very special treat, Selection Suprema, all alongside a delicious menu of Mexican flavours. We are also pouring Herradura as our basic tequila, including as an ingredient in our Classic Margarita – as if they weren’t good enough already (usual pour El Jimador)…good just got better.

DB: And how will you be serving the ‘Australian Casa Select’ – Barrel 787 at Radio Mexico when it arrives?

AA: We will be featuring the Australian Casa Select amidst our Tequila Appreciation Program, which we will be presenting throughout winter for small groups of guests in our beautiful private dining room, Sala Esmeralda. Our goal is always to present the elegance of Tequila and our private room helps to do just that.
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