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Featured Bar: Molly

Featured Bar: Molly

Molly, in Canberra, is currently representing its state as the only bar from the ACT taking part in Tequila Herradura’s 12-week incentive program, running across Australia until early July.

Also the newest 1920s-style speakeasy (and arguably one of the best) to join the city’s bar scene, Molly’s owners Lorenzo Focarile, Dean Brown and Antony Arena have been working closely with Brown-Forman recently (distributor and owner of Herradura in Australia), to help change Canberra drinkers’ perception of tequila.

With efforts aimed at moving the category away from shot consumption, over the last nine weeks, Molly has been putting tequila back on the menu as a spirit for sipping neat and in a number of long drinks.

To promote Herradura’s complex and authentic flavours – the only tequila 100 per cent fermented naturally in the world – Molly has come up with a unique recipe, named a ‘Cinnamon Tequila Treacle’. Joint owner Lorenzo says the serve has been “going down a treat”, quite literally, with guests surprised the drink even uses tequila. Now with only 3 weeks left of the 12-week incentive program, it’s this special concoction of Herradura Tequila, apple juice and cinnamon sugar syrup that Molly is banking on winning them a ticket to join the brand’s once in a lifetime trip to the original Herradura Tequila Casa Hacienda in Mexico in July.

Partnering with Brown-Forman and Tequila Herradura earlier this year, not only is Molly currently undertaking the 12-week initiative, but will soon also receive its own bottles of the Herradura “Double Barrel” Reposed Tequila – named the ‘Australian Casa Select’ – Barrel 787 – purchased exclusively by Molly and 11 other bars in a unique collaboration earlier in April. 

To find out how Molly will be serving the Australian Casa Select when it joins their selection of top shelf spirits later this year and what it means to be one of very few to select and purchase their own barrel, drinks bulletin speaks with Lorenzo below.

drinks bulletin: What does it mean to you to be one of very few bars to be able to select and purchase your own unique barrel of Herradura “Double Barrel” Reposado tequila?

Lorenzo Focarile: It’s a very special opportunity for us to be a part of this experience with Herradura. Being the only venue in the ACT asked to collaborate with Herradura, we feel it’s our duty to bring the traditions and history of Herradura to Canberra and share the knowledge we have gained.

As we are a classic cocktail bar, we have been working very closely with Brown-Forman and their team for a while now and have the utmost respect for what they do. So when they came to us and asked if we would be interested, we didn’t have much to think about.

DB: What is it about the Herradura brand and/or history that resonates with you?

LF: I love the history behind this product; the way they’ve been making tequila over the centuries hasn’t changed much in that time. Also the way they do open fermentation is like a little love story between the house of Herradura and the tequila. Plus each of the plants and trees surrounding the house add a little something special into the mix.

DB: How have you been introducing your customers to Herradura during the incentive program?

LF: We have been featuring Herradura as a way to show people that there is more to tequila than just shooting. We have started serving up a ‘Cinnamon Tequila Treacle’ – adding cinnamon sugar syrup and some fresh apple juice. This serve goes down a treat.

DB: And how will you be serving the ‘Australian Casa Select’ – Barrel 787 at your venue when it arrives?

LF: Getting such a special product, we want to make sure we don’t mask it, overtake or loose the flavours in any way. We will serve Barrel 787 neat, shot if desired or mixed into an Old Fashioned.
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