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Esprit De Figues Wins at 2017 SIP Awards

Esprit De Figues Wins at 2017 SIP Awards

Esprit de Figues, the premium fig liqueur by Patrick Borg and his team at Think Spirits, has won Platinum and Gold at the 2017 SIP Awards.

The Australian liquor distribution company’s liqueur was recognised for its unique Art Nouveau inspired bottle in the design category and its excellent taste in the Fruit/Berry Liqueur category. 118 consumers selected the award winners from a range of 673 spirits and mixer brands.

This is a personal victory for Borg, as the liqueur is inspired by the figs that seasonally grow on the tree his Maltese grandmother planted after immigrating to Australia.

Today, Esprit de Figues is distilled in Burgundy, France from the finest handpicked Violette de Bordeaux figs.

The liqueur is already being poured at internationally renowned bars such as Claridges, Savoy and Ritz Carlton in London, and has recently been launched on the Australian market.

“Naturally our next step was to bring our product home and share this with Australia,” Borg said. “We believe Esprit de Figues will be a sensational hit as it specifically introduces an authentic, unique and fresh flavour category to our world of beverages.”

The liqueur is a rich purple in the bottle and appears a softened mauve when poured. The smell is of fragrant, fresh figs and the taste has hints of berry jam, honey and peach. Esprit de Figues also works wonderfully as a mixer, maintaining both its colour and taste.

Esprit de Figues 500ml – RRP $49.99

For more information on Esprit de Figues, recipes and cocktails please visit the website.


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