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World’s first ‘winefulness’ expert is coming to Sydney

World’s first ‘winefulness’ expert is coming to Sydney

Struggling with mindfulness? Try winefulness instead, a concept introduced by one of Australia’s most experienced mindfulness teachers Manish Singh.  

Although drinking wine to become more mindful might seem counterintuitive at first glance, Manish believes that by doing something we like, we are more open to being present.  

“The key to learning how to be mindful is to find something you enjoy doing on a regular basis, and transform it into a mindfulness exercise," he said. "When we are doing something we enjoy, like drinking wine, we are relaxed and more receptive to being in the moment.”  

During a guided winefulness class, Manish takes his students through a range of practices to engage all the senses. 

“Whereas wine tasting is mainly about distinguishing the aromas and flavours in the wine, a winefulness practice encourages you to focus on all the sensory aspects and have your own, unique experience," he explained. "Paying close attention to the experience of drinking a glass of wine is very similar to a meditation.” 

The Brisbane-based mindfulness guru is hosting an exclusive winefulness class in Sydney on Thursday June 7 at a Cellarmasters Mind, Dine & Organic Wine event.  

The ticketed event is being held to celebrate the launch of Cellarmasters’ Organic Wine Reservation, a new quarterly wine subscription to the best organic wines on the market, and will take place at Three Blue Ducks Rosebery.  

After a 30-minute winefulness class guided by Manish, guests will enjoy a three-course dinner with matching organic wines. 

Organic wine is made from grapes grown without the addition of synthesised chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.  

“The first thing many wine drinkers comment on after taking a sip of organic wine is its clarity, vibrancy of flavours and balance," said Christine Ricketts, Cellar Director at Cellarmasters. "So we thought a guided winefulness practice would be the perfect way to experience fantastic, Australian organic wines.” 

Tickets to the event are $95 (plus booking fee) per person, and include drinks and canapés on arrival, a guided winefulness class and dinner with matching organic wines.  

For more information and to secure your ticket, click here

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