The Canadian Club treasure hunt still going after 50 years

The Canadian Club treasure hunt still going after 50 years

A treasure hunt launched by Canadian Club more than 50 years ago is still going, with nine cases of whiskey still to be discovered.

Canadian Club launched its Hide A Case campaign in 1967, with cases of booze hidden around the globe. 

Ads gave readers clues as to where the boxes of whisky could be found, while others revealed the amazing ways some were discovered. 

David and Diana Mattoon, for example, found a case in Venezuela seven months after seeing an ad about it.

The couple decided to celebrate their honeymoon by tracking down the case. 

David said: "We had to hack our way through ancient rain forests and cross through 79 different sets of rapids. And leaving right in the middle of the rainy season made the journey even tougher."

The couple found the case of Canadian Club under a rock at Angel Falls. 

A case dropped on Mount Kilimanjaro was found accidentally in 1977 by Dutch journalist Peter Juul; while prawn fishermen stumbled across a case sunk in the Great Barrier Reef in 1979, 11 years after it had been hidden.

The cases that are still missing are located in Yukon Territory, northwest Canada; Loch Ness, Scotland; Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile; 110 feet from where Stanley met Livingston in Ujiji, Tanzania; the North Pole; Lake Placid, New York; plus three unknown spots. 

Here's the Lake Placid clue, for example:

In 2010, the Hide A Case campaign was revived with an additional $100,000 cash prize to find the case hidden Tonga in 1991.

No clues were ever released, but intrepid treasure hunter Kristina Beall managed to locate it.

A spokesperson from Beam Suntory said there aren't any plans to revive the campaign, but that treasure hunters are welcome to plan their own expeditions.

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