World-first cellar door to float on Sydney Harbour

World-first cellar door to float on Sydney Harbour

Taylors Wines will launch a world-first floating cellar door in Sydney Harbour next month.

For one weekend only, the Clare Valley winery is hosting a memorable tasting experiences, featuring some of its most recognised wines.

The tasting will also be a chance for the vineyard to show how important temperature is to enjoying a wine at its best as part of its Taylor The Temperature campaign. 

While it’s widely believed that red wine should be served at room temperature, Taylors says popping a red in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving can make all the difference to experiencing at its best.

The impact temperature has on red wines in particular is drastic when it comes to aromas and flavours.

"A red served too warm is flabby, dominated by alcohol and tannins, and lacking its balance of fruit and oak characteristics," the winemaker notes. "Served too cold and the acid dominates, overpowering the delicate complexities that make a red wine enjoyable. Served at the optimum drinking temperature, a red wine sings in perfect balance with fruit, oak, tannin and alcohol shining across the palate. 

Taylors Cellar Door at Sea is a glass-lined tasting room set upon a floating barge in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Ticketed guests will board a water taxi from a designated jetty near the Sydney Opera House and be taken to the Cellar Door at Sea.

On board, guests will be treated to a temperature-themed wine tasting, with still and sparkling water from Antipodes and canapés curated by British-duo and friends to Taylors, Steve Flood and Will Stewart.

All wines will be served using the newly released Riedel Extreme range of glassware, with wines from the Taylors Estate range.

Ticket price includes water taxi transfers to and from the designated Sydney Opera House jetty, wine tastings including your glass of choice from the menu, as well as canapés. The cellar door will be open December 7-9.

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