Retailers lap up latest Penfolds Grange release

Retailers lap up latest Penfolds Grange release

Penfolds Grange 2014 will hit the shelves this month with a $900 price tag - that's up $50 on last year.

While some retailers have baulked at paying the premium, saying they don't have enough customers with a taste for wine that runs at about $180 for a 150ml glass, winemaker Peter Gago is unconcerned. 

“You can’t deny that there will be price rises,” Gago told the Adelaide Advertiser“It’s the way of the world with how these wines benchmark globally and with the supply and demand.

“The prices reflect the globalisation of the wine market at that end of the market.”

Gago added that international demand means the company can’t supply enough of its top-end wines like Grange.

Wine critic Tony Love has given Penfolds Grange 2014 98 points. 

He noted: "Undeniably Grange in its approach from start to finish, a powerful blend of 98% Shiraz and 2% Cabernet from six SA regions that has spent 20 months in 100% new American oak hogshead barrels. It’s all rich, black fruit flesh seasoned with savoury dark spices and notes of cut down olive bushes and sage in the flavour zone. It’s solid gold Grange in body as well as soul, yet chamfered and measured, even subtly minerally but with no hard edges. It’s a waiting game now like always — drink now in an hour of power or for a special celebration in 10-25 years."

Meanwhile, Frank Wilden notes at Business Insider: "So is the 2014 Grange up to the standard of those before it? In short, yes.

"Alongside the intensely dark red appearance, where does one start to describe the bouquet? Multi-layered aromas with top notes of formic acid, mid range of Asian spice, black olives and Italian parsley, it’s a multi-cultural kitchen on the nose, with big bottom-end characters of a long-simmering court bouillon.

"The palate is ridiculously seductive and easy to enjoy with such generosity of character and balance. The flavours are all complex and savoury, with their highlights and completeness satisfying like a great main course in a Michelin starred restaurant.

"It effortlessly carries the new oak without any residual traces of coconut or vanilla and has extraordinary length thanks to the fully dressed and integrated tannins. A great Grange."

Liquor Barons takes first Penfolds Collection in five years

WA liquor chain Liquor Barons has decided to take an allocation of the Penfolds Collection for the first time in five years, undeterred by price rises across the range.

While most wines in the release have only gone up $5, Grange is up $50 and Penfolds 2016 Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon, has hit $600.

Liquor Barons general manager Chris O’Brien told The West Australian: “We have decided to take a significant allocation because we believe that the quality and the prices still deliver value for customers.

“In fact, so confident are we, that Liquor Barons is taking the biggest allocation of Penfolds wines of any independent Australian liquor chain.”


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