Newcastle Brown Ale gets an American makeover

Newcastle Brown Ale gets an American makeover

It's Newcastle Brown Ale, but not as you know it ... Heineken is treating the working class brew to a little Californication.

Heineken US has announced that it is teaming up with Lagunitas Brewing Company to modernise the iconic brown ale for release in March 2019.

"Working together with our friends at Lagunitas Brewing Company, we've created an uncommonly balanced brown ale, brewed through a unique blend of pale and roasted malts," said Amy Tay, Brand Director for Newcastle Brown Ale. "The result is a smooth, crisp, slightly roasty beer, complete with a delicious hoppy twist that's not too bitter, not too sweet.

“Newcastle Brown Ale is all about our consumers. With this significant move we are showing these drinkers that, while uncommon, it isn’t impossible to teach an old dog new tricks!”

"Whether you're a super fan of Newcastle Brown Ale, or just an enthusiast of great craft beer, you're going to love cracking open a bottle of the new brew and enjoying a silky-smooth flavorful experience."

As Just Drinks notes: "Long-known as 'Newky Brown' or simply 'The Broon', the beer is associated by many Brits as a working class ale born in England's northern industrial heartlands. It is also closely connected in UK minds to the unglamorous Newcastle United football club, whose stadium stands near the site of the original brewery."

Heineken acquired the Newcastle Brown Ale as part of its 2008 takeover of Scottish & Newcastle.

The beer has been popular in the US since the turn of the century, but in 2015 Heineken took its first steps to tweak the brand, removing the chemical that gives the beer its characteristic brown colour to appeal to an American audience.

The latest US version of the beer will be brewed at both of Lagunitas's breweries, in Chicago and Petaluma, California.

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