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Flying Brick 2016 MC Cider

Flying Brick 2016 MC Cider

One of Australia’s fastest growing craft cider brands has released an exciting limited edition cider made with the same method used to create the world’s best Champagnes and sparkling wines.

The French Methode Champenoise or MC, which lends its name to this innovative cider and its unique creamy texture, is the process of secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Produced in the Bellarine Peninsula, Victorian heritage cider apples from the 2016 vintage were cloth pressed and allowed to naturally ferment before moving to bottle where the liquid was left to ferment for a second time over six months. It was then poured back in with the original apple juice for sweetness.

The cider would be described as a dryer style with rich, sweet, fresh apple characters and natural acid. It has a lovely round palate with elegant soft edges.

At 9.6% ABV, it’s a great alternative to wine and something interesting for customers to try either on its own or with a range of food.

Flying Brick’s popular Original, Pear and Draught Ciders are also available from The Sharp Group.

RRP: $40

Distributor: The Sharp Group 

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