Legendary director Ridley Scott unveils Hennessy short film

Legendary director Ridley Scott unveils Hennessy short film

Hennessy has unveiled a short film by Ridley Scott that captures his idea that every sip of Hennessy XO is an odyssey.

The luxury brand also announced that a 60-second premiere of the film will be broadcast in the US during the Oscar Awards Ceremony to be broadcast on February 24.

Scott, the Academy Award-nominated director of The Martian and Gladiator, as well as iconic films such as Alien and Blade Runner, has created a visual journey that interprets the seven flavours described by the Hennessy Comité de Dégustation as an illustration of the taste and feel conveyed by Hennessy XO: sweet notes, rising heat, spicy finish, flowing flame, chocolate mood, wooden crunching, culminating in an infinite echo.

"I was immediately attracted to and inspired by this project, recognizing the potential of bringing this story to life with art and entertainment," said Scott . "Hennessy has a great product, and I was very lucky in this project working, creating a free interpretation and creating something big, I'm sure the viewer will be pleasantly surprised. "

Under the direction of the legendary filmmaker, each of the seven flavours are presented as individual worlds, brought to life through wonderful and extraordinary nature descriptions.

The director leaves it up to the imagination to decide whether the film will be in the future or in the past, in reality or in a dream world, while taking viewers through vivid scenes with snapshots from each of the seven worlds.

Scott's film depicts the confluence of gleaming golden fluids, human figures walking on foot in the shade of bronze giants, androids brought to life by synapses, and imaginative creatures gliding through fierce airs meditating peacefully beneath floating rocks lush forests are being churned up by invisible spirits. The film culminates in an omnipresent nebula in which these worlds coexist, highlighting the director's masterly ability to move viewers to other worlds.

"It's an honour for Hennessy to work with a visionary like Ridley Scott ," said Hennessy Global CMO Michael Aidan, "This film goes beyond traditional advertising and shows Ridley's artistic genius, bringing the essence of Hennessy XO to the audience in an entertaining way. "

Alexander Kalchev , Executive Creative Director at DDB Paris, added: "When we embarked on this adventure, we dreamed of creating a movie that is really different. But even in our wildest dreams, we could not imagine that we would dive into so many incredible new worlds. Together with Hennessy and Ridley Scott, we hope to set a new benchmark for the advertising industry," 

Watch a preview below:


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