De Bortoli Wines Rebrands to Highlight Family Heritage

De Bortoli Wines Rebrands to Highlight Family Heritage

De Bortoli Family Winemakers Logo

De Bortoli Wines has announced a major rebrand of its website, logo and wine labels to highlight the company's family heritage and ownership. The De Bortoli Wines trademark will now be displayed as De Bortoli Family Winemakers, while a new website will bring to life the stories and personalities behind the wines.

De Bortoli was established in 1928 by Italian migrant, Vittorio De Bortoli, and was later run with the help of his wife Giuseppina and children Florrie, Deen and Eola. Today, De Bortoli is run by third generation family members, Darren, Leanne, Kevin and Victor De Bortoli.

The rebrand aims to honour the work and innovation of the previous generations, as well as refresh the brand's identify and strengthen its family ties.

The crown from the former De Bortoli brand identity has been retained as a reminder of the past and the long-lasting trust customers have in the family business.

“As our children, the fourth generation, are starting to show an interest in the business, we have taken the opportunity to reflect on our brand and prepare for an exciting new era,” says Leanne De Bortoli. “Both our father Deen and grandfather Vittorio believed wine should be part of everyday life, enjoyable to everyone. We’re proud to be part of their legacy and to continue to be a creative, imaginative and successful family wine company.”

Darren De Bortoli, who took over the reins as Managing Director from his father Deen De Bortoli in 1994 adds, “Our family history is the heart and soul of our business, and people relate to that, so it’s important our brand embodies that while being easily recognisable.”

The new packaging will first appear on a new wine that is set to be released by De Bortoli in two weeks time. From there, the new branding will be rolled out across its portfolio of wines.
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