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CUB Ends Dispute at Abbotsford Brewery

CUB Ends Dispute at Abbotsford Brewery

Carlton and United Breweries with the Electric Trades Union and Australian Manufacturing Workers Union have reached an agreement to immediately end the dispute with the maintenance workforce at the Abbotsford brewery in Melbourne.

There has been an intense dispute between the maintenance workers, unions and CUB since the company decided to end its contract with the maintenance service provider Quant, which impacted 55 workers at the brewery.

As part of the agreement, "all of the picketing workers have been invited to return to work at their previous positions at the Abbotsford brewery," CUB said on Wednesday.

According to CUB, it has agreed to union terms and conditions, which will provide job security to the workers.

"CUB and the unions have mapped out a better approach based on mutual respect, productivity and a shared passion to make the best beers with the best skilled workers," CUB commented.

ETU and AMWU have called for an immediate end of the ongoing boycott and are encouraging their supporters to return to drink CUB beers and ciders.

"All parties are pleased to resolve this dispute and to refocus their attention on working together," CUB added.
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