Is this the world's most festive pub?

Is this the world's most festive pub?

After three weeks of hard work, The Churchill Arms' has flicked the switch on its famous Christmas lights display.

The hotel boasts a three-story display of 95 Christmas trees and more than 21,500 Christmas lights.

It's earned the London venue the title of "most festive pub" in the United Kingdom.

“It’s the most amazing scene, isn’t it? When you come and see a pub that is entirely covered in Christmas lights. There’s no place like it,” manager James Keogh told ABC News.
Built in 1750, it's one of the oldest pubs in London and has been decorating its facade for 26 years.

When they first started the tradition, the exterior only hosted 10 trees, Keogh said.

“It’s such an impression made on the pub and, from the people’s expressions and comments, that we just have to carry on with more trees."

Keogh said the pub is planning to take its decorations to the next level in 2019 with 22,500 lights, 100 Christmas trees and a small train that will drive through the building’s facade.

Pub builds giant snowman out of wine bottles

Over in Somerset, The Queen Victoria Inn has constructed a 20ft snowman from more 2200 empty wine bottles. The snowman accompanies the pub's regular festive gingerbread house makeover. 

The display was masterminded by pub landlord Mark Walton and pub regular Ben Selway,

Walton told the Daily Mail: “Ben is a very talented engineer and this is the result. It took three people and an electrician well over a week to get it all in place.

“There’s been lots of responses – lots of people stopping to take a look”.

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