Carlton & United Breweries

Carlton & United Breweries

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is one of the most iconic beer companies in Australia with a history dating back to 1832.

We offer some of Australia’s most famous beers, including Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught, Cascade, Crown Lager, Melbourne Bitter, Pure Blonde, Matilda Bay, as well as ciders including Strongbow, Mercury and Bulmers.

We believe that we have the brews and the brands which resonate with today’s drinkers and our range is capable of servicing all types of venues and all types of drinkers – from the traditional brews to the easier drinking lagers, such as the growing Great Northern Super Crisp.

We’ve done significant work on our portfolio over recent years and feel that we are well placed to tap into (pun intended) the growing demand for more contemporary brews.

We’ve invested in partnership with our customers and on innovation, including growing our tank beer offering across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

We’ve also relaunched Pure Blonde, which resonates with people who are conscious of a healthier lifestyle, while the craft connoisseurs are falling in love with the Yak franchise.

The beer market has changed enormously since CUB formed in 1907 as Carlton & United Breweries, but we are committed to building this business into the most admired company in the Australian beverage sector and to working in partnership with our customers.


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