Austria releases "Young Female Winemakers Calendar"

Austria releases "Young Female Winemakers Calendar"

In Australia, we're just weeks away from celebrating the 2017 Australian Women in Wine Awards with a special ceremony in London on September 26.

In Austria, they have a different way of promoting the women working in their wine industry - the "Young Female Winemakers Calendar."

For the 15th edition of the calendar, 12 wineries (three from Burgenland, six from Lower Austria, two from Styria and one from Viennese) were featured in the calendar.

"The Winery Calendar is intended to introduce Burgenland, Lower Austrian, Styrian and Viennese businesses to a wide audience and would like to support the marketing of the wine in a modern, appealing way," said editor Ellen Ledermüller-Reiner at the launch in Vienna. "Who would be more suitable than their own winemakers? Wine promotion and tourism advertising are the goal of this measure." 

Ledermüller-Reiner added: "The calendar is so coveted that there is already a lot of sales in advance, and the customers even want to order copies from recent years; it is now a collector's item! The calendar 2017 is already out of print. The calendar 2018 costs 28 euros."

Pictured below are a few images from previous calendars.


One Austrian magazine notes "the calendar of young ladies - printed in limited editions - is often used as a Christmas or birthday present for business partners, customers and friends."

Wine Spectator notes: "Frau Januar, for example, is Sandra Wötzl [above, left], who also holds the crown of Veltlinerlandweinkönigin or, in a language that doesn't turn paragraphs into single words, "Wine Queen of Grüner Veltliner Land." (Veltlinerland is more officially known as the Weinviertel appellation in the northwest of the country, and it does indeed grow almost half of all Grüner planted in the world.) From a longtime winemaking family, Wötzl recently received a degree in wine management and completed an internship at a winery (in Sweden) (none of this is made up)."
Launched for the first time in 2004, the calendar was originally made up of men and women. In more recent years, only the latter can now apply, if they are between 17 and 27 years of age.

Pictured (main): The stars of the calendar at the launch.  
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