2017 IBA Trade Workshop focusses on "successful independents"

2017 IBA Trade Workshop focusses on "successful independents"

Presenter Shane Jacobson (aka Kenny and the host of Little Big Shots) opened the 2017 IBA Trade Workshop to an audience of 800 delegates on the Gold Coast this week.  

ALM CEO Scott Marshall also welcomed all the delegates and set the scene for the two days of conferencing, centered around the theme of “Successful Independents”. 

“Our purpose and vision is to create successful independents and help you become the best store in town,” he said. "We believe that independents are worth fighting for.

"Our core directives are to be the business partner of choice, to be passionate about independents and to build thriving communities.”

Marshall presented strong financial results against the market with savings made through the Working Smarter program and a fifth year of like for like sales growth.

“Change in the consumers purchasing habits is happening fast, but declining consumption is being offset by demand for more premium products,” he said. “We have the ongoing risk of legislation changes and the lobbying of health groups.”

Address from departing Metcash CEO
Ian Morrice, CEO Metcash, addressed the delegates, thanking them for their support of ALM and reiterating that he will be stepping down from the CEO role at Metcash.

“I’m delighted to be here for my 5th IBA Trade Workshop, sadly this will also be my last," he said. "I’d like to thank Scott and his team at ALM for always having a can-do attitude and exceptional delivery skills. It’s been a pleasure working with the ALM team”

His replacement, former Tesco executive Jeff Adams, will join the company this month.

Morrice initially joined the Metcash Board as a non-executive Director in June 2012, and was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer in June 2013.

Metcash Chairman, Rob Murray said: “Under Ian’s leadership, we have seen many of our Independent Retail customers improve their competitive position through implementing our transformation initiatives to deliver the ‘Best Store in Town’.

Morrice said: “It is a privilege to lead the Metcash business and work with such a passionate team of people who fight for the success of independent family business every day. Therefore my decision to
retire has not been an easy one”.

Keep an eye out for the November edition of drinks trade for a full report.

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